Write up on Shift in Attitudinal and Behavioural Paradigms post Pandemic: New Reality

VDMA India

COVID-19 is the biggest global event—and challenge—of our lifetimes. As such, it is changing human attitudes and behaviours today and forcing organizations to respond. However, the need to respond won’t end when the virus’s immediate threat eventually recedes.

There is a reservoir of power within us, dormant and under – employed. If activated, this power could give us confidence and ability to take charge of our life completely. A life is our own choice. We can then ride over toughest time with ease. We can seize our life and squeeze from it all the wonder, joy and fulfilment we truly deserve.

To discuss in detail, VDMA India organized this web seminar on 28th May 2021 from 10-12:30 p.m. in an attempt, to answer these questions and provide suggestions from an Indian perspective. Expert Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty with his three decades of experiences in various functional areas demonstrated some time tested and people tested ways to reclaim dormant and unused capabilities human being in this two-hour capsuled program.

Around 66 VDMA members attended the webinar.

Mr. Sandip Roy, Regional Head -East, VDMA India welcomed the guest and the audience and briefly informed about the VDMA and its activities in his opening remarks.

In his welcome address, Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India and the session moderator, mentioned that with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, most individuals are juggling with mental stress, anxiety, and depression and a positive attitude can impact both physical and mental health. Attitudes ultimately reflect how we feel, think and act.  As life is our own choice, we can seize our life and squeeze from it all the wonders, joy and fulfilment we truly deserve.

Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty, the guest speaker of the webinar, highlighted several aspects of attitude for success and how to handle fear factor which we all are facing due to the prevailing pandemic situation.

In his 2-hour presentation, Dr. Chakraborty, spoke at length on the following topics: 
- Company profile
- Success Triangle
- Teaching of Dale Carnegie
- Fear factor and how to handle uncertainty 
- Importance of Attitude
- Attitude for Success
- Desire/Motivation
- Listening & Communication Skills
- Stress Management

During the Q&A session Dr. Chakraborty, replied some interesting questions like challenges for Work from Home (WFH); Ways to improve the productivity during WFH and how to change a mindset of living in past. 

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Nath thanked Dr. Chakraborty for this engaging and enriching session and hoped to have him again with us again in the future.