VDMA Web-seminar on: ""Safety of Machinery- Preparing the Industry on Technical Regulations"

VDMA India

India is among the fastest-growing economies in the world with the youngest and largest workforce. As the country strives to achieve manufacturing excellence, industrial safety & sustainability are emerging to be critical parameters of its global competitiveness, much as the quality was in the last two decades.

In a recent move in India, the Department of Heavy Industries is planning to soon come out with ‘Omnibus Technical Regulations’ for Safety of Machinery in India making it mandatory for both imported and indigenous items to obtain certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

In order to highlight on the importance of standards for safety of machinery and inform the industry about the upcoming technical regulations, VDMA India is organized a Web-seminar on: ""Safety of Machinery - Preparing the Industry on Technical Regulations" on Friday, 26th February 2021.

We all benefit from safe machines. Machines that conform to relevant safety requirements protect workers and the environment. Safe machines also contribute to efficient production processes and thus are a key pillar of a robust economy. However, a working culture that acknowledges the importance of machinery safety requires comprehensive regulations substantiated through high standards and elaborated conformity assessment procedures. Hence this web-seminar gains immense significance.
Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India, made the welcome address. He emphasized that the German and Indian regulators and industry experts have not only exchanged information to understand each other’s approaches, they also shared experiences on how to develop new and existing regulations and standards related to functional and electrical safety while drawing on European good practices.

Mr. Rajneesh Khosla – Scientist & Head MED, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) joined the web-seminar as a Special Guest and presented on the Role of BIS in standard formulation and overview on machinery safety scenario in India”.

Using machinery and work equipment exposes workers to multiple risks. Ensuring machine operator safety requires application of safety measures as effective as possible. Technological development allows for designing more and more effective protective devices. The role of control systems as applied to risk reduction becomes more and more significant.

Taking advantage of innovations in technology/ IoT/ data management systems, companies are aggressively adopting technologies to reduce workplace injuries to achieve the target of zero accident. The only way to reduce accident rates in machine operations is through proper application of technical safety means by the machine manufacturer and proper monitoring of them by the user, combined with adequate organizational procedures.

Considering the important role, the digital technology is playing in helping machineries operate safely, the speakers gave a good overview of machinery directive requirements in India and highlighted the importance of adopting digital solutions for safe operations.

The esteemed speakers joining us for the discussion were:

  • Mr. Hermann Wegner - Technical, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability - Machinery Safety, Electrical Safety (Non-EU), VDMA Frankfurt
  • Mr. Carsten Gregorius - Senior Specialist - Product Marketing Safety, Phoenix Contact
  • Mr. Amol Bari, Head Safety Services, PILZ
  • Mr. Ramji Singh, Vice President, Schmersal
  • Mr. Jayesh Jani, Manager Safety Services (Certified Safety Specialist), SICK

The session was moderated by Mr. Ajmal Fawad, Regional Manager – North, VDMA India