Web Seminar: "Robotic Automation trends in Manufacturing"

VDMA India

The COVID19 pandemic has not only proved a threat to life but has caused unprecedented shock to the global economy. The pandemic hit manufacturers in an unexpected and unprecedented way.

For the first time in modern manufacturing history, demand, supply and workforce have been affected globally. The virus in fact highlighted various critical gaps in the manufacturing sector. While in the pre-crisis era, automation was viewed as a means to innovate, reduce cost and gain a competitive edge, now the purpose has shifted to survival and damage limitation.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:
  1. Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India
  2. Dr Juergen Morhard, Consul General of Federal Republic of Germany, Mumbai
  3. Mr. Vikas Anwekar, Production Marketing Manager- Vision Technology Baumer India
  4. Mr. Sunil Raibagi, Managing Director- Asia & VP Business Development and strategy, Zimmer Group
  5. Mr. Ashwin Vanikar, Head of Cluster South Asia: Application Engineering, Festo India
  6. Mr Abhishek Sharma, Manager- Sales, Kuka India.
The session was moderated by Mrs. Jamly John, Regional Head- West, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd. and the Welcome address was given by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India who began the session by speaking about Robotic Automation which is the need of the hour.
Mr. Nath introduced Dr. Juergen Morhard who spoke about the political aspects about the Indo German trade scenario and how far we have come over the years. He also emphasized on VDMA’s presence which has aided in strengthening Indo German trade relations. Mr. Juergen identified that the value creation in Karnataka, India and is particularly admirable and that he looks forward to German companies in India to utilize the resources that India has to offer in order to build and further strengthen the synergistic alliances formed moving forward.
Mr. Vikas Anwekar began his presentation on the topic Vision Guided Robotics – Enabling robots to “see”. He highlighted the difference between conventional robotics-without image processing and robotics with image processing and its applications. Mr. Vikas also threw light on the industries need for vision guided Robotics arising in different scenario in a manufacturing plant and showcased the solutions that Baumer can offer.
Thereafter, Mr. Sunil Raibagi presented on “smart end of arm” tooling solutions. He began by introducing Industry 4.0 which was a term coined in 2011 – by high ranking technological strategist from the German government to promote the computerization of manufacturing and spoke about the recent trends Industrie 4.0 like the digital twin, Flexible production, Predictive maintenance and Smart sensors. Mr. Sunil also spoke about what the future holds and gave us a glimpse of what to expect. He ended his presentation by showcasing the Industry 4.0 ready products that Zimmer had to offer.
The next speaker was Mr. Ashwin Vanikar who was present to speak about the latest trends in “Automation and collaboration with robots”. He began by establishing that Automation-based Production-Lines are the need of the new economy specifically in Industrial workplaces which demands the following. 1. Improving productivity 2. Improving the quality 3. Reducing errors and waste 4. Increasing safety 5. Enhancing reliability 6. Increasing profitability 7. Reducing complexity & adding flexibility to the manufacturing process. The final part of his presentation was about enhancing automation in collaboration with robots and gave examples of how FESTO’s products are complying with these demands.
Our final speaker for the day was Mr Abhishek Sharma who was present to give his insights on the Latest Technologies and Robotic applications in Automotive / Tier1 and FMCG Industry. Mr. Abhishek began by highlighting the challenges of future production and introduced us to some of the latest solutions namely: matrix production, Pallet Based Transfer System- PULSE, Multi-Model Framing Station (KS-Framer), Collaborative Robots, Levels of HRC (Human Robot Collaboration). Using KUKA’s products as an example he explained how these solutions have helped the Automotive and FMCG industry.
Finally, we had the Q&A session moderate by Mr. Nath, where he took several questions posed by the attendees. The questions were insightful and addressed the topic. The questions were eloquently answered by the speakers. The Web Seminar was then concluded by Mr. Nath as he wished all the attendees to stay safe and connected.