Web Seminar: “Emerging Trends in Industrial Automation & IoT”

VDMA India

The COVID 19 pandemic is termed as the Black Swan of 2020 and has disrupted operations in almost all industries as we know them. However, this pandemic has forced us to find sustainable alternatives to the current processes that we use. Sensor technology has proven its usefulness and reliability during turbulent and uncertain times like these.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:

  1. Mr. Achim Burkhart, Consul General, Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bengaluru
  2. Mr. Manish Kant Sahay, Managing Director, Leuze India
  3. Mr. Nitin Kumar Sinha, Sales Manager, Leuze India

The session was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd, who gave an insight into how Sensor Technology is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry. The opening remarks were given by Mr. S Manohar, Regional Head – South, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Nath gave the introduction to all the attendees and then introduced Mr. Achim Burkhart. Mr. Burkhart then started his address. Mr. Burkhart spoke about the political aspects about the Indo German trade scenario and how far we have come over the years. He also emphasized about how the VDMA’s presence has aided in strengthening Indo German trade relations. Mr. Burkhart identified that the value creation in Karnataka, India is particularly admirable and that he looks forward to German companies in India to utilize the resources that India has to offer in order to build and further strengthen the synergistic alliances formed moving forward.

After the address of Mr. Burkhart, Mr. Nath went on to introduce Mr. Manish Kant Sahay who then begun his presentation on the topic “Emerging trends in Industrial Automation & IoT” Mr. Sahay began by introducing Leuze and giving a brief about the inception and history of Leuze in Germany. Mr. Sahay then delved deeply into the 6 domains that Leuze specialize in, which are; Switching Sensors, Monitoring Sensors, Identification & Data Transmission sensors, Safety, Supplementary products and Machine safety services. Mr. Sahay also mentioned about the industries to which they largely cater to, namely, Intralogistics, Packaging Industry, Machine Tools, Automotive Industry, Laboratory Automation and the Textile Industry.

Mr. Sahay then handed it over to Mr. Nitin Kumar Sinha. Mr. Sinha had a unique approach to this Web Seminar, as he gave his presentation with the aid of videos and no PPT Content. Mr. Sinha played 7 videos where he explained the Leuze products in application and gave the attendees good clarity about the operational efficiency, scope and scale of operation and various other areas of application/use. Mr. Sinha’s videos were on the following topics:

  • Modern trends and solutions for continuous conveyors
  • Solutions for Warehousing Automation (AS/RS systems)
  • Safety scanner for data output for Navigation
  • Safety laser scanner – RSL 400
  • Leuze DRT 25C dynamic reference diffuse sensor
  • Leuze – fork, label sensors – GSX14E for labelling machines

Mr. Sahay and Mr. Sinha further informed the attendees that there were two new additions to the Leuze product portfolio. The two products are: Tower Lamp – Modular & Multicolor and Incremental Encoders.

Finally, we had the Q&A session moderate by Mr. Nath, where he took several questions posed by the attendees. The questions were insightful and addresses several areas that Leuze caters to. The questions were eloquently answered by Mr. Sahay and Mr. Sinha. Mr. Nath posed the final question to Mr. Burkhart who shed some light about the current COVID 19 situation in Germany and the tentative plan to bring the situation under control. The Web Seminar was then concluded by Mr. Nath as he wished all the attendees to stay safe and connected.