IDTA Go Live : Focus on the Digital Twin


Today marks the official launch of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA).

The IDTA was launched by 23 founding members from the electrical industry, mechanical engineering, the software sector and user industries with the participation and initiative of the industrial associations VDMA and ZVEI. The IDTA sees itself as a user organization with an international orientation for the Digital Twin in Industry 4.0.

"Today is the starting point for management around the technology of the Digital Twin in industry. It is about developing the Digital Twin as a core technology of Industrie 4.0 optimally to market maturity and this in a cross-manufacturer approach. Together and interdisciplinary with many partners," says Dr. Matthias Bölke from Schneider Electric and Chairman of the IDTA. To this end, the IDTA is driving open source projects for the implementation of the Digital Twin.

Driving innovation of the DigitalTwin in the IDTA
The founding of the IDTA as an innovation space comes at the right time: The Digital Twin is increasingly becoming a topic in the industry, across its entire range of applications and industries. It is the basis for applications along the entire life cycle and is the interface between physical industrial products and the digital world. The character of the digital twin is also crucial. It represents the new, open and standardized interoperability component in Industry 4.0, which is associated with efficiency and opportunities for new digital value creation.
"AI and cloud services of the future are based on the concept of the digital twin, and machine learning is also becoming widely implementable. This is linked to our future potential for new business models, both for small and medium-sized factory equipment suppliers and for large end users in the automotive and process industries, for example," explains Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen, owner of Asentics and Deputy CEO of IDTA.

Leveraging and developing a leading position
"In recent years, Europe has established a leading international position with its Industry 4.0 initiatives. It is important to use and expand this lead, and the digital twin plays a central role in this," emphasizes Karsten Schneider of Siemens and member of the IDTA Board of Directors.

His development is not starting from scratch, but is based on the concept of the Asset Administration Shell. This was launched six years ago, and is now being operationalized with the IDTA. The IDTA takes the administration shell from a prototype to an open technology solution.

Well-known companies involved from the beginning
The relevance of the digital twin for the industry is also visible in the founding members of the IDTA. Here, well-known companies come together:
ABB, Asentics, Bitkom, Bosch, Bosch Rexroth, Danfoss, Endress Hauser, Festo, Homag, KUKA, Lenze, Pepperl Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, SAP, Schneider Electric, Schunk, Siemens, Trumpf, Turck, Volkswagen and Wittenstein.

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