Web Seminar: "Enabling Productivity through connected environment"

VDMA India

As everyone is well aware the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the Indian economy and the world economy in a devastating manner. Now, the activities have slowly and steadily been opened up by the Government of India. With people going back to office, and employees working on the shop floor again, the safety of the employees and people is of paramount importance in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:
  1. Dr. S Devarajan, Senior Vice President Production Engineering, TVS Motor
  2. Mr. Pramod Bhandari, General Manager, TATA Motors
  3. Mr. Chanchal Chakrabarti, Associate Vice President Industrial Project, LAPP India
The session was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd who gave the welcome address in which he highlighted the impact of COVID - 19 on our work life and how we are moving towards adopting a new normal.
Mr. S Devarajan, was the first speaker. He started off by speaking about the changes that have occurred over time in the Manufacturing sector highlighting Industrial management and the COVID – 19 changes and opportunities, touching upon the development of “ New Normals “ such as Virtual Work experience and customer buying behavior.
Mr. Devarajan also spoke about the Emerging Industrial Engineering Technologies for supporting the manufacturing segment such as 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing and Big Data analytics leveraging technology to be an continuous enabler.   
Mr. Pramod Bhandari then took over from Mr. Devarajan. He addressed the Global impact of COVID – 19 on the automotive industry as well the mindset of the people in purchasing their next vehicle. The current US China Trade war gives vast opportunity to India which is projected to boom.
The way forward, as stated by Mr. Bhandari, is in Global solidarity and support, radically focusing on digital channels, optimizing asset deployment and building a resilient supply chain. 
With respect to the Automobile industry, increasing collaboration with dealer networks, maintaining manufacturing disciple and ramping up of strategic partnerships will contribute to the required change.
Finally we had Mr. Chanchal Chakrabarti address the attendees of this web seminar. He spoke about the trends impacting the automotive industry such as rapidly evolving customer expectations, changing face of mobility infrastructure as well as disruptive technology stating these trends are driven by data, which must be fast and have a reliable transmission which inturn focuses on the cable and connection technology, for which LAPP is the solution provider.
Mr. Chakrabarti also spoke about the Automotive factory mentioning Press shops, Weld shops, Paint shops and Assembly shops. He further spoke about Engine, Speed and Emission testing  stating its EMC protected and highly flexible. 
He emphazised on the concept of LAPP delivering beyond fast and reliable data transmission focusing on Reliability, Quality, Availability, Efficiency and Assurance.
Mr. Nath concluded the session by addressing the questions posted by the attendees which were answered by the speakers very eloquently which concluded the interactive session as he conveyed his best wishes to all the esteemed speakers and attendees from the industry to continue their operations safely.