“Uplifting Business Opportunities during the pandemic – VDMA Industry Meet"

VDMA India

As everyone is well aware the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the Indian economy and the world economy in a devastating manner. Now, the activities have slowly and steadily been opened up by the Government of India. With people going back to office, and employees working on the shop floor again, the safety of the employees and people is of paramount importance in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Due to the COVID 19 threat still looming, VDMA India decided to organize its North India Members Meet in the Virtual form for 2020.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:
  1. Dr. Stephen Grabherr, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi
  2. Mr. Sagar Bhonsle, Managing Director, Schmersal India
  3. Mr. Krishan Kohli, Managing Director – Continental Automotive Brakes Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
  4. Mr. Vaibhav Mittal, Business Head – Mahindra World City
  5. Ms. Malini Dutt, Port Representative India – Antwerp Port Authority
  6. Mr. Elmar Ockenfels, Port Representative Germany – Antwerp Port Authority.
The session was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd who gave the welcome address in which he highlighted the impact of Covid 19 on our work life and how we are moving towards adopting a new normal.
Dr. Stephan Grabherr, was the first speaker of the Web Seminar. Dr. Grabherr spoke highly about how Indo German Trade has grown over the years and how the COVID – 19 Pandemic has affected businesses in Germany, India and around the world. Dr. Grabherr emphasized on how India and Germany need to continuously grow their relationship and their bond should turn out to be a force to be reckoned with.
The first presentation was given by Mr. Sagar Bhonsle on the “Future of Machinery Safety” Mr. Bhonsle started off by giving the attendees a brief insight into Schmersal India and its activities at its new Facility in Pune, India. Mr. Bhonsle then went on to inform the attendees about the safety standards of Yesterday, Today and of the Future. He also added about the adoption of the 32 ISO standards and complying with the international IEC standards with respect to machine safety. Mr. Bhonsle also added how the sensors of today have become intelligent, how they require regular maintenance and how to effectively troubleshoot any problems that arise.
Mr. Bhonsle also spoke about connecting machines via Bluetooth and that there is a predictive maintenance feature that is up and coming when it comes to machine maintenance. The automation topology consists of 3 main layers; Process management level, control level and field sensor levels. 
We then had Mr. Krishan Kohli take over for his presentation on "Industrie 4.0". Mr. Kohli started off by giving a brief introduction about his organisation Continental India. Mr. Kohli introduced the topic, Industrie 4.0 by telling the attendees about what it actually entails, from Big data, autonomous robots, simulation, IoT, Augmented Reality and so on. He then went on to explain how Industrie 4.0 systems can be implemented at various levels such as Basic Automation, Connected Machines Etc. Mr. Kohli also spoke about how Continental has set up a smart manufacturing facility and all activities as well as supply chain management.
Finally, the attendees saw a small video that gave them a glimpse about Continental’s Automation 4.0 set up. Mr. Kohli then concluded his presentation.
The next speaker was Mr. Vaibhav Mittal. Mr. Mittal started off by giving a glimpse about manufacturing in India and how it has been impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic and other domestic policy factors. Mr. Mittal then delved deeply into the impact of the pandemic on global supply chains and how they are adapting to the new normal. Moving on, the Make in India advantage for all the global players looking to invest in India. With the Government of India pushing more for Atmanirbhar Bharat and several Production Linked Schemes that foreign companies can avail should they decide to invest in India.
Finally, we had Ms. Malini Dutt and Mr. Elmar Ockenfels representing the Antwerp Port Authority at India and Germany respectively. Ms. Dutt started off by talking about how we need to start rethinking supply chains due to the COVID 19 pandemic, integration of seaports in procurement and distribution logistics and data sharing platforms. Ms. Dutt also spoke about the impact of the pandemic on the operations of the Port of Antwerp. Ms. Dutt then delved deeply into the finer details of working with the Antwerp Port Authority with respect to the number of days it takes for consignments to reach the port from destinations in Asia. She then spoke about the benefits of cost and time should one choose to work with the Port of Antwerp.
We then had Mr. Ockenfels speaking about the value added services within the port which is embedded in the Indo German Supply chain. Moreover, he spoke about the railport concept which was something new for all attendees to hear about. Mr. Ockenfels then shed light on the process of the goods moving to hinterland from the port to parts of Europe including Germany. Finally, he gave a glimpse of how users can utilize this platform as a service for seamless E2E flow.
Mr. Nath then took the questions posed by the attendees which were answered by the speakers very eloquently and finally concluded the interactive session and he conveyed his best wishes to all the esteemed speakers and attendees from the industry to continue to build back their operations Safely and make their businesses more resilient.