Web-seminar: "Robotics for Sanding, Buffing, Grinding, Polishing – Surface Treatments using Active Compliant Technology (ACT)"

VDMA India

The COVID 19 pandemic is termed as the Black Swan of 2020 and has disrupted operations in almost all industries as we know them. However, this pandemic has forced us to find sustainable alternatives to the current processes that we use. Robotics and automation has emerged to the forefront in this quest to find safer means of production.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:
1. Mr. Thomas Konrad, Vice President Asia, FerRobotics
2. Mr. BN Raghu, Representative India, Director – Application Consultancy
3. Mr. Tarun Khurana, Director, Nexgen Robotic Automation.
The session was moderated by Mr. S Manohar, Regional Head – South, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd, who gave an insight into how robotics and automation is becoming the new emerging trend of the manufacturing industry. The opening remarks were given by Mr. Sandip Roy, Regional Head – East, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd.
Our first speaker of the session was Mr. Thomas Konrad. Mr. Konrad spoke about unique and advanced technology of FerRobotics and have an international focus with offices in Asia. He mentioned that they are the pioneers of Active Compliant Technology (ACT). Mr. Konrad then spoke about the efforts of FerRobotics to transform industrial automation and to give a human touch to the robots in order to open up new possibilities for automated jobs.
Mr. Konrad then handed the floor to Mr. Raghu. Mr. Raghu delved deep into the use of ACT technology. It is a form of technology commonly set up via software programming of the servo joints and uses sensors (vision sensors, force sensors, torque sensors, etc.) to aid robotics. He also said that ACT establishes every common robot with ingredients such as tactile sense (touching, feeling, moving), Contact intelligence and replaces dirty, dusty and dangerous jobs with high quality production that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Mr. Raghu also spoke about the product ranges of FerRobotics, such as Active Contact Flange (ACF), Active Belt Grinder (ABG) and Active Sensitive Kit (ASK) to name a few. The benefits highlighted by Mr. Raghu were that, it automates complex and hazardous processes, maintains quality and precision and makes the production process both quicker and cheaper.
Then we had Mr. Tarun Khurana speaking about the technical way of setting up the Robot by adjusting the parameters and necessary configurations for any shop floor activity. The configurations of force and RPM can be adjusted to suit the needs of the operations. Mr. Khurana was explain these adjustments with the help of a video running for the attendees. The insight given by Mr. Khurana gave a practical understanding about the operational efficiency of the robot and aided in better understanding for the attendees.
The use of Active Compliant Technology (ACT) has revolutionized the sector of Robotics. The instant automation of jobs with a high demand for sensitivity and flexibility will be a great incentive for companies to adopt this innovation. It guarantees extremely short cycle times and radical economic ROI, even with delicate applications. Moreover, it automates problematic manual work and guarantees high standard of quality. It also works with every robot. This even makes retrofitting unbelievably easy and persuasive which adds to the significant convenience.
Finally, we had the Q&A session moderate by Mr. S Manohar, where he took several questions posed by the attendees. The questions were insightful and addresses several areas that FerRobotics cater to. The questions were eloquently answered by Mr. Raghu and Mr. Konrad. The Web Seminar was then concluded by Mr. S Manohar as he wished all the attendees to stay safe and connected.