Web-seminar: "Welding and Cutting Technologies – Trending Innovations in Manufacturing"

VDMA India

As everyone is well aware the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the Indian economy and the world economy in a devastating manner. India took swift action during the onset of the pandemic by initiating a lockdown. However, due to several structural challenges India faces, the economy and several businesses took a major hit. Now that we are unlocking and inching back, the way we operate will now be transformed and there will be a new normal.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:
  1. Mr. T.R. Parasuraman, President, Whole Time Director and Board Member, Toyota Industries Engine Pvt Ltd.
  2. Mr. Dewang Kapadia, MD & CEO, CLOOS India Pvt Ltd
  3. Mr. Rahul Raje, Regional Head, Fronius India Pvt Ltd
  4. Mr. Mitesh Kumar Shukla, Business Manager, OPTREL
  5. Mr. Vishal Fating, Laser Technologies
The session was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd who gave the welcome address in which he highlighted the impact of Covid 19 on the manufacturing sector and how the engineering operations were impacted and how they are slowly inching back to operations.
Mr. T.R. Parasuraman gave the Key Note Address to the attendees. He spoke about how the operations were affected by COVID 19 and how they are now bouncing back. He shed light on the importance of Welding and Cutting technologies and how it has evolved over the times. Despite welding and cutting being a starter/basic topic in mechanical engineering, it is highly relevant and the scope of its application is widespread.
Mr. Dewang Kapadia then took over and started off with his presentation on CLOOS welding systems and sensors. He shed light on the importance of Pre, In and Post – welding processes. Mr. Kapadia then listed out the selection criteria, applications and tolerance fields of the sensor supported robotic welding. The working of the tactile and arc sensors was explained in detail by Mr. Kapadia and he delved deeply into various specifications of these sensors as well. Mr. Kapadia then concluded his presentation by laying emphasis on the quality control by means of seam inspection.
The attendees then heard Mr. Rahul Raje give his presentation on Fronius being a Welding solution provider for inclusive growth. He started off by telling the attendees that Fronius develops charging systems for starter and working batteries, develop the technology for arc and resistance spot welding and finally the solar electronics interest of Fronius. He went on to talk about their presence in India and the Manual, Mechanized and Robot Controlled welding solution for open arc welding. Mr. Raje also highlighted the USP of Fronius, which is adaptability, Industrie 4.0 compliant and the use of latest technology.
Mr. Mitesh Kumar Shukla then took over and started his presentation by giving a brief about OPTREL and its protective equipment and other high quality products. Mr. Shukla delved deeply into how the welders are exposed to metallic dust and what respiratory problems they face. He highlighted the effects of these problems and the ways and means to use protective equipment manufactured by OPTREL. 
Finally, we had Mr. Vishal Fating address the attendees of this Web Seminar. He started off his presentation by talking about which industries Alpha laser caters to and a small brief about the organisation. Mr. Vishal delved deeply into the problems associated with the known welding means and how it increases the costs, energy consumption and time consumption. He spoke about laser cutting being a more cost effective, low penetration and non-contact alternative to the existing welding means. The widespread applications of laser cutting, ranging from Sensor manufacturing, precision engineering, medical engineering and metal 3D printing were highlighted. Mr. Vishal finally emphasized on the mobile laser welding applications that Alpha Laser provides, along with its area of use and advantage.
Mr. Nath then took the questions posed by the attendees which were answered by the speakers very eloquently and finally concluded the interactive session and he conveyed his best wishes to all the esteemed speakers and attendees from the industry to stay safe and connected.