Web-seminar: "Automation of Surface treatment Processes: 3D Jobs- Dirty, Dangerous & Demanding"

VDMA india

The COVID 19 pandemic has taught the entire world several lessons. These lessons have shown businesses how important automation and the use of robots are. Many businesses across the world have opted to automate their activities on the shop floor in order to keep up with the social distancing norms and employee safety.

We were privileged to have esteem speakers joining us for this interactive and informative session:
  1. Mr. Michael Huemer, Executive Vice President Asia, Ferrobotics
  2. Mr. Raghu BN, Representative India, Director – Application Consultancy, Ferrobotics
The session was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd who gave the welcome address in which he highlighted the impact of Covid 19 on our work life and how we are moving towards adopting a new normal.
Mr. Michael Huemer was the first speaker who introduced the topic of discussion by talking about Active Compliant Technology (ACT) and how it established every robot set up with, tactile sense, contact intelligence and how it replaced 3D jobs (Dirty, Dusty, Dangerous) with high quality production, optimized functionality and efficiency.
Mr. Raghu B N then took over and he delved deeply into the technical aspects of the products of Ferrobotics. He started off with a brief about the mission, vision of Ferrobotics and then spoke about the pain point which robots help solving.  He then moved onto the ACT part which was mentioned by Mr. Huemer and Mr. Raghu spoke about the product portfolio of Ferrobotics. Their products employ the following technologies; Active contact flange (ACF), Active belt grinder (ABG), Active sensitive kit (ASK), Active orbital kit (AOK) and finally the Active angular kit (AAK). The applications of the above mentioned technology are in Automotive, Aerospace and General industry primarily. Moreover, they also have characteristic applications such as grinding, polishing, brushing etc.
The benefits of using Ferrobotics are that they are equipped with tactile sensitivity, complex manual automations can be automated, quality and precision are improved, value is added to the production process and finally, technology integration can take place in order to make the existing systems fast, flexible and reliable.
Mr. Raghu spoke in great depth about the usage of ACF, ABG, ASK, AOK and AAK and also shed some light on the working principle of the above mentioned systems. There was a product range classification mentioned by him as well.
Finally, Mr. Raghu winded up his presentation and gave contact details of the Ferrobotics vendors in India in case any attendee wanted to make a purchase.
Mr. Nath then took the questions posed by the attendees which were answered by the speakers very eloquently and finally concluded the interactive session and he conveyed his 
best wishes to all the esteemed speakers and attendees from the industry to continue their operations SAFELY.