A negotiated solution must be found quickly


The transatlantic dispute over subsidies to Airbus and Boeing is also a burden to companies in the mechanical engineering sector. A negotiated solution still must be found. Therefore, the VDMA calls for a constructive dialogue between the EU and the USA.

Regarding the imposition of EU punitive tariffs on US products due to illegal US subsidies for Boeing aircrafts, Ulrich Ackermann, Head of the Foreign Trade Department of the VDMA, says:

"Even if the EU's step is in line with WTO rules and it is thus understandable to impose punitive tariffs for Boeing subsidies as of today, we would have liked a negotiated solution. Because the transatlantic dispute over Airbus and Boeing subsidies is also a burden for companies in the mechanical engineering industry, which have nothing to do with the original subsidies to the two aircraft manufacturers.

For example, European manufacturers of special excavators and tools as well as induction furnaces are affected by the  punitive tariffs of the USA in the Airbus case, the new EU punitive tariffs because of Boeing subsidies also affect wheel loaders, tracked loaders and tractors made by American manufacturers.

We, therefore, call once again on the EU and the American Administration to engage in a constructive dialogue. At the latest, the new US Administration under President Biden is called upon here. The task now is to find a negotiated solution as quickly as possible that will finally end the dispute over subsidies for the two aircraft manufacturers and thus also abolish the punitive tariffs on mechanical engineering products in bilateral trade”.