"Penalties in the Airbus dispute hit the wrong people"


The US punitive tariffs in the Airbus dispute also affect companies that have nothing to do with the aircraft subsidies. A relaxation of the trade dispute is urgently needed.

The dispute over subsidies for the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the resulting US punitive tariffs on European products is also a burden for companies from Germany. The VDMA rejects these measures of the American government as counterproductive. In addition, they affect companies from the mechanical engineering industry that have nothing to do with the original subsidies to Airbus and Boeing. For example, manufacturers of certain tools, induction furnaces or special excavators are still affected.

"The EU's trade relations with the United States need to be relaxed, not further escalated," emphasizes VDMA General Manager Thilo Brodtmann. The US punitive tariffs on European products in connection with the Airbus dispute are in accordance with the rules of the WTO. "Especially in the Corona crisis with its serious economic consequences, however, the USA and the EU should beware of further depressing the mood in the economy with new customs duties", Brodtmann warned. Especially since France and Spain had already given in in July. Both countries had agreed with Airbus to change the terms of the repayable start-up investments they had granted for the development of the A350 model.

The VDMA therefore calls on the EU and the American government to engage in a constructive dialogue. The task now is to find a negotiated solution that will finally end the dispute over subsidies for the two aircraft manufacturers. The World Trade Organization (WTO) must also play its part in this and ensure that there are no further delays in the case of the Boeing subsidies and that a decision is also reached here soon.