CXO Roundtable on Electric Mobility and Charging Infrastructure

VDMA India

VDMA is organized a CXO Round Table on Electric Mobility and Charging Infrastructure, on 07th February 2020 at Taj Lands Mumbai.

Where the standards are in the initial stage of development. The rising share of electric vehicles will have a profound impact on the automotive Industry where the EV charging infrastructure is going to be a major point of concern to be addressed.

India's intent here is to catalyze the demand for electric vehicles through measures that target low-hanging fruits such as the vehicle segments with higher potential to immediately get electrified. A thriving electric vehicle market for India, heralds a future economic upturn for the automotive sector along with a benefit of generating jobs, once the manufacturing of power train and battery packs are indigenized. Thus, an end-to-end system driving the green environment / eco-system benefitting future generations with an adequate scalable EV charging infrastructure both for the Electric 2 & 3 Wheelers and the 4 Wheelers (Passenger and Commercial vehicles) is the key to success in this Indian E-mobility market.

There were around 55 people from the industry.