VDMA Web-Seminar - “Stability and Revival measures for Industries in Karnataka” – Interaction with the Industrial Commissioner, Govt. of Karnataka

VDMA India

Besides saving human lives, most important at this moment are the measures and policies undertaken by the Government in reaffirming the support and providing the right direction to the Industries amidst these difficult times. Thus, during such unprecedented times, it is extremely crucial for each one of us to be able to understand the Impact of COVID 19 on our business activities.

The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) organized a webinar on “Stability and Revival measures for Industries in Karnataka” - Interaction with Ms. Gunjan Krishna, Industrial Commissioner, Government of Karnataka, as a knowledge sharing platform and to act as a bridge head for its members & German Organizations in Karnataka who are now beginning to start their operations and facing few teething issues.

A strong participation from professionals across varied sectors of the mechanical engineering industry made this webinar a success. The webinar received an overwhelming response from the industry and German engineering fraternity VDMA India thanks all the participants for connecting on this web-seminar.

The session was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India, who voiced the concerns and queries of the attendees to the Industrial Commissioner, Government of Karnataka. VDMA India had collected questions from the participants earlier for the webinar and also the questions were streaming during the web-seminar.

Keeping in consideration that we would be approaching further relaxations in the days to come, the attendees came forward with questions regarding the Government’s role in boosting the industrial activities in Karnataka. The extent of adverse effect of Covid-19 pandemic on businesses was clearly evident from each question pitched during the course of the web-seminar. 



Few highlights of the session and the replies to the questions of participants addressed by Ms Gunjan Krishna, Industrial Commissioner, Government of Karnataka, are as follows:

  • The Government of Karnataka has come up with the idea to waive off fixed electricity charges for a period of 2 months for MSMEs and deferment of fixed electricity charges without fine/penalties for Large Industries. This would be a relief for many businesses, especially MSMEs, who are experiencing financial crunch during this period.
  • Further the industrial commissioner also appraised everyone about the formation of a dedicated taskforce to attract foreign investors to Karnataka. The Government with various policies and is also focusing on schemes for specific sectors like Aerospace, Garment & Textiles, Information Technology, Bio-Technology, Electric Vehicles, etc.
  • The Government of Karnataka has come out with amendment to the Land Reforms Act 2020, which would enable the entrepreneurs/ Industrials to directly procure the land from the farmers. The details are available on Kaveri website of the Government. They can also connect with the concerned IGR office.
  • The Government of Karnataka would also be looking to further reform/amend labour laws to facilitate economic growth and enable smooth functioning of businesses, with special focus on ease of doing business in Karnataka.
  • Ms Gunjan Krishna also clarified the attendees that manufacturing facilities can function with more than 33% attendance provided proper precautionary measures are implemented. The maximum 33% attendance bar is only applicable for private offices. But the offices have to strictly adhere to the SOP’s.
  • The Government is also aiming to relieve problems of MSMEs with smart/digital manufacturing solutions. 
  • Problems relating to shortage of man power were also brought forward during the session and probable solutions were discussed to tackle the situation.
  • The organizations / Industry unable to move the people to the factories can contact the Industry and commerce department of the Government to enable to connect with the BMTC to enable them move people to factories located in remote places.

Mr. Rajesh Nath concluded the discussion saying that quick recovery is possible if we stay motivated and function as one strong unit. Decisions taken now will determine the future shape of the recovery. We need to lay the foundations for a strong, sustained and socially inclusive recovery. We must ignite the fire of belief in us and face this adversary firmly armed with weapons of better hygiene, social distancing and survival strategy – knowing that some of us may fall in this battle but we have faith that we shall overcome. We must make the transition from fear to faith!

Ms. Gunjan Krishna also assured all the participants that the State Government of Karnataka would be working very closely with the industry leaders and stakeholders to cater to their needs and bringing back conditions to normal.

We congratulate and Thank Ms Gunjan Krishna for taking out time from her schedule to address the concerns of industry stakeholders.