"Implementation must be unbureaucratic"


The Skilled Worker Immigration Act makes a significant contribution to effectively counteracting the shortage of skilled workers. Implementation must now take place without new bureaucratic hurdles.

The long-awaited law on immigration of skilled workers came into force on March, 1. Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of the VDMA, explains:

"The Immigration of Skilled Workers Act makes a significant contribution to effectively countering the shortage of skilled workers. The law alone has not yet won over a foreign specialist, so implementation must now be pragmatic, without creating new bureaucratic hurdles. This applies in particular to the issue of visas to professionals from third countries seeking employment. The necessary infrastructure is only just being built. The mechanical engineering industry is hoping to find good employees, especially in the IT sector, thanks to the Immigration of Skilled Workers Act.

More than just a flaw in the law, however, is that the temporary employment industry is prohibited from recruiting foreign specialists for its client companies. Medium-sized industrial companies in particular could benefit from the experience of recruitment agencies in recruiting foreign workers".