"A climate-neutral Europe needs Power-to-X"


The European Commission's "Green Deal" envisages that Europe will be the first climate neutral continent by 2050. To ensure that this does not remain just a bold vision, the use of Power-to-X technology is urgently required. Technology offers great export opportunities for German companies.

Nuremberg, February 6, 2020 - Without the conversion of green electricity into other forms of energy such as gas or liquid fuels (Power-to-X), the EU will not achieve its climate target. "The EU must include Power-to-X as a possible solution in the Green Deal and show clear ways towards the use of CO2-neutral fuels. Currently, the laws of the member states prevent the cost-efficient production of such eFuels," said Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions and Chairman of VDMA Engines and Systems at the association's general meeting in Nuremberg.

The European Commission has presented ambitious plans with its "Green Deal" in Brussels: Europe should be the first continent to become climate neutral by 2050. The Green Deal is to include, in addition to the legal anchoring of climate targets, various packages of measures to enable climate neutrality and at the same time generate opportunities for industrial policy. In addition to sector coupling, changes in energy taxation and sustainable mobility strategies, the promotion of sustainable alternative fuels is also envisaged. The "dream" of the partnership with North Africa formulated by the first EU Vice President, Frans Timmermans, to produce hydrogen there and transport it to Europe using the existing infrastructure should also be seen in this context. In this way, a comprehensive energy turnaround can also be achieved from the perspective of industry.

Competitiveness through climate-friendly legal framework
At present, however, neither green hydrogen nor synthetic, climate-neutral eFuels produced from it can compete with fossil fuels. "In order to produce eFuels competitively, it is necessary to adapt the corresponding legal requirements in the EU member states. Clear framework conditions and thus security for companies must be in place, otherwise urgently needed investments will not be forthcoming," Lauber emphasised.

The VDMA and its members from the industrial engine sector have been campaigning for some time, for example, for the Maritime Energy Turnaround, which aims to achieve climate-neutral shipping. In addition to hybridisation and the use of LNG gas engines, the technology roadmap envisages the gradual replacement of fossil fuels with eFuels. "As an engine industry, we see the enormous potential that Power-to-X technology offers for the shipping industry. With eFuels produced using the Power-to-X process, the Maritime Energy Turnaround is possible - that's what we are promoting," said Reiner Rößner, Sales Manager at MAN Truck & Bus and host of the trade association's general meeting.

You can download the complete press release in German language of the Fachverband Motoren und Systeme im VDMA e.V. below.

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