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German plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers are the most important high-tech suppliers to the Indian Market since many years. These close relations are reflected in the activities of the plastics and rubber machinery association in and for India.

German plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers are the most important high-tech suppliers to the Indian Market since many years. These close relations are reflected in the activities of the plastics and rubber machinery association in and for India.

More than 250 companies with a turnover of 7 bn Euro, an export rate of 70 percent and a worldwide production share of about 23 percent are members of our association. They represent more than 90 percent of the plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers in Germany.


2016 as a whole saw substantial growth in sales, continuing the positive trend of the past few years. “At 4 per cent, growth is actually higher than the 2 per cent originally anticipated,” says Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Chairman of the VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association. This positive result rounds off a year marked in particular by the excellent sentiment at the K trade fair in October, giving German plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers grounds for continued optimism for the future. For Example, in the period from January to December 2016, sales of plastics and rubber machinery to America amounted to 774 million euro, an increase of 7.6 per cent.

The association offers different modules for fields of applications and individual markets and regions, and gives an economic overview of the industry and its position within the mechanical engineering.

  • Order intake and sales statistics: machinery manufacturers, plastics and rubber machinery
  • Special statistics: injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, foaming
  • Plastics production and consumption: global data + forecasts  
  • Automotive, construction, packaging, medical industries, recycling: global data + trends
  • Imports, exports: machinery manufacturing worldwide
  • Business prospects of member firms
  • Forecasting model for plastics and rubber machinery for Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • Industry report: outlook in customer industries and in plastics and rubber machinery manufacturing
  • Cost rates of customer services

Portrait of the Branch

Whenever modern societies have to find solutions for their specific demands and needs in infrastructure, individual mobility, food supply or health care, plastics and rubber products and components are indispensable ingredients.

The vital properties of plastics and rubber perfectly match building and construction needs. Ensuring durability, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness, they are used in a wide range of applications. Plastics technology also plays an essential role in the development of transport. Lightweight plastics provide solutions not only for economic, but also for environmental benefit. Perfectly packed and protected food can be transported over long distances without losing any of its quality or freshness. Hygienic standards can easily be met. Plastics products for the medical field have to meet these and other standards, too. Modern healthcare would be impossible without components made of plastics or rubber.

German manufacturers offer machinery and equipment to meet all challenges of the market, additionally providing reliable and long-term after sales services – and thus, they set up a proven partnership with the Indian plastics and rubber industry. With a considerable share in India's overall worldwide machinery procurement, Germany ranks as top supplier to Indian converters.

Plastics and rubber machinery manufacture is an important sector in the German mechanical engineering and plant construction industry. The German machinery manufacturers, who supply around 23 per cent of the total world demand are leading producers. German manufacturers rank first in exports. With an export share of nearly 70 per cent, German shipments to customers abroad assume considerable importance. 

The Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association within VDMA unites around 250 renowned companies of the branch, representing 85 to 90 per cent of the industry's total output in Germany.

The association gives its members a stage to meet and exchange experience; various promotional measures help to facilitate and support its members' exports.

The association provides facts and data for the branch and on the branch. It supports and sponsors trade shows in Germany, in Europe and overseas. Standardisation, recommendations and joint research projects are part of the technical services rendered. In the field of public relations, the association regularly publishes press releases and keeps in touch with the industry's trade journals.

The online sourcing service helps customers to find suitable suppliers of machinery and equipment.

Association Activities in India

VDMA, the German Engineering Federation, is not only active in Germany and Europe, but is represented abroad with offices in Brazil, China, India, Japan and Russia. As shareholder in VDMA's India office the plastics and rubber machinery association offers highly efficient support to the association's members in India. Company representatives meet once a year to exchange views and experiences. The Meetings provide a well-accepted platform to discuss issues of common interest and an opportunity to build and maintain networks within the industry.

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