Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association


The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association is one of the 39 industry-specific associations within VDMA. With nearly 300 member companies it is one of the largest – and under the aspect of the diversity of the machinery products – one of the heterogeneous associations.

The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within VDMA is the union of around 300 predominantly medium-sized companies. They represent about 80 percent of the sales of this industry.

In 2016, the production of food processing and packaging machinery rose by 2.4 percent to EUR 13.3 billion. As a result, the industry stayed on course for growth for the ninth year and again performed significantly better than mechanical engineering in general, which in 2016 reported a zero growth rate again.

The current development of our industry is positive. VDMA expects a further increase in sales for the entire sector of food processing machinery and packaging machines between 3 and 4 percent for 2017.


In May 2017 the order intake in the food processing and packaging machinery sector increased by 23 percent in real terms. The driving force was foreign orders, which rose by 28 percent over the comparable value of the previous year.

The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within VDMA is a very heterogeneous specialized branch of the German engineering industry. Its product portfolio is wide-ranging and heterogeneous. This is particularly true for food machinery manufacturing which is divided into several sub-sections.

To meet the particular industry-specific information needs of the member companies and to accrue the available expertise concerning the larger sub-sections, the Association is currently divided into six departments:

  • Bakery Machinery
  • Meat Processing Machinery
  • Beverage Machines and Dairy Technology
  • Confectionery Machinery
  • Machines and Equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry
  • Packaging Machinery

With over 100 members, it is the department packaging machinery that boasts the largest number of companies. In the other subsections, membership numbers range between 35 and 60. These departments meet annually in joint meetings of members and choose an executive committee from their ranks which will be active for three years.

Members from all sub-sections meet for workshops, informative events and for the tri-annually scheduled joint gathering of the entire Association. The focus here is on mutual exchange among the different sub-sections and on discussing more general topics of common interest.

For its members the Association offers diverse services that include the following main topics:

  • Market information for sales departments
  • Technology and research
  • Hygienic Design

Details of these three areas, including details about the right contact persons, can be found in the appropriate flyers in the download area. More information on all other activities of the Association can be found in this website under menu items Trade Fairs, Technology and Economy.

India in focus

The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the Indian subcontinent. For years, a comparatively high economic growth, rising salaries, a growing consumption oriented middle class, a high share of young people among the population, the increasing urbanization and the spreading of modern retail concepts has raised the demand for processed and packaged food and beverages and will go on raising it for years to come – and with it the demand for state-of-the-art processing, beverage and packaging technology will grow as well.

The rising demand for processed and packaged food, beverages and pharmaceuticals is reflected in the continuously rising imports of processing, beverage and packaging machinery. 

The VDMA member companies offer themselves as powerful partners for the expansion of India’s industry. Their advanced technology and the variety of their products, which are optimally tailored to the specific customer requirements, strengthen the economic performance of the Indian manufacturers.

Automation, food safety, hygiene, flexibility, quick format changes and the efficient use of resources dominate food processing and packaging machinery construction and our member companies are market and technology leader since many years.

German-Indian Partnership

Our member companies do not only supply their food processing and packaging machinery to India but invest in the country itself. Many of them can look back on a long tradition in the country. They have recognized the considerable potential of India and established own production facilities to serve the local market. With this they have created lots of jobs. In addition some of our member companies are represented in the Indian market by Joint Ventures, own sales offices or via Indian sales agencies.

You are looking for a German machinery supplier or a cooperation partner? You can find them in our product directory or contact the VDMA Office in India, which supports German and Indian companies to identify the right partners for mutual business relationship.

Contact in India

Ms Bithi Basu
VDMA Indian Office
GC 36, Sector III, Salt Lake,
Kolkata – 700106 / India.
Tel: +91 33 4060 2364 / 2337 6692

Contact in Germany

Frau Vera Fritsche
VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery
Lyoner Str. 18
60528 Frankfurt
Tel: +49 69 6603 1429