Increase with question marks

In September, incoming orders in the mechanical engineering sector continued their growth trajectory, gaining around 12 percent in real terms in comparison with the previous year.

More orders were booked, both from Germany (up 10 percent) and abroad (up 13 percent). "Although growth in the export markets of mechanical engineering has stabilized, transactions with domestic clients entailed only slight (or even negative) growth rates. Even the crucial sector of domestic transactions, which accounts for around one-fourth of revenues in mechanical engineering, continues to be riddled with question marks for this reason," explains VDMS chief economist Dr. Ralph Wiechers.
This is also reflected in the nine-month balance sheet of incoming orders: The additional orders from January to September are almost completely based on foreign orders (up 10 percent). Orders from Germany experienced only marginal gains of 2 percent, and orders increased 7 percent overall during this period.
We booked a 12-percent order increase in the three-month comparison from July to September, and here as well, foreign business (up 14 percent) clearly overtook domestic results (up 7 percent).

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