What humans create with machines

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New multimedia reports on humans-machines-progress.com

The great challenges of humankind are a part of our daily lives – everywhere. How will the cities of tomorrow function? How do we meet the challenges life has in store? How do we manage to stay healthy and to live in a secure environment? And how can we ensure the best possible use of our precious resources? Every day, the mechanical engineering industry plays an important part in answering these questions. New technologies coming from the mechanical engineering industry pave the road into the future. On the website www.humans-machines-progress.com VDMA presents multimedia reports which show where this journey leads to. It started in January with three stories, now three more have been added:

  • Urbanization: Big cities, major tasks
  • Health: Medical technology ensures good health and quality of life
  • Lightweight materials: Lightweight and solar powered around the world

Further multimedia reports will follow in each quarter of 2017.

“humans-machines-progress” is the claim, the VDMA has chosen for its 125th anniversary in 2017. Machines are not an end in itself for the machinery engineering industry and VDMA. They are the means, to make progress come true for the people. The goal is, to make the world a better place – step by step. The more than 3.200 member companies of VDMA address themselves to this task – documented in these multimedia reports as well.