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Textile Machinery Association


About 130 of the most important manufacturers of textile machinery and accessories from all sectors of the trade are affiliated within the VDMA Textile Machinery Association. The largest parts of the companies are medium-sized firms and stand for approximately 90 per cent of the entire sector volume. In 2015, the branch produced textile machinery worth about 3.1 billion euros.

The association's main activities are economic and technical representation of the branch's interests, exchange of experiences as well as services such as statistics, observation of significant markets and reporting on the situation in the textile industries throughout the world, active support regarding political decisions relating to exhibitions, regular circular letters containing any information important to the member companies, and public relations.
Since the textile machinery sector is an export driven branch, sales support is a key topic. The textile machinery association is very active in organizing symposia / conferences in major textile markets. On the occasion of these conferences German companies present in lectures their latest technologies to high-ranking technical experts and decision makers from the respective textile industry. The lectures are completed with B2B meetings and panel discussions on core topics (e.g. sustainability or life-cycle-costs).
Great importance is attached to the manufacturer sourcing service. In the technical field, emphases are – amongst others – placed on information regarding statutory provisions for machine safety, standardisation, and joint research.

The Executive Board
The board is the most important panel within the association. There are 16 people in the executive board, representing each branch. 2016 Fritz P. Mayer, Associate of Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik has been elected as chairman, Mrs. Regina Brückner, Managing Associate of Brückner Trockentechnik as vice-chairperson.

VDMA Representative Offices Abroad
By representative offices in Brazil, China and India the Textile Machinery Association is close to the customers in major Asian markets. The offices serve as a hub between German and Brazilian, Chinese and Indian companies, associations as well as authorities. Textile manufacturers who are interested in German Technology can directly contact our competent partners in the offices in Beijing New Delhi and Sao Paulo. Link:
VDMA Sourcing Service: Products and Technologies for the Textile Industry

Are you looking for a particular manufacturer? Or do you want to know who manufactures the required product? Use the searching possibilities described below or start the sourcing service immediately.

The members of the Textile Machinery Association offer machines and accessories for all production steps of the textile industry. The spectrum ranges from classical spinning or weaving machinery to specific machinery for geotextiles, fish nets, mooring lines or artificial lawns to name only a few.

You are assisted by a broad range of searching possibilities:

  • Free text search: Input of machine names (or parts of it) or textile products
  • Search for company name or location
  • Hierarchical search for categories of textile machinery and accessories
  • Hierarchical search of textile products for which production technology is requested

The results shown are the respective VDMA member companies with all contact data. Application reports and links to the websites of the companies offer additional information.

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Strauch, Nicolai
Strauch, Nicolai
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