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Agricultural Machinery Association


The VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association serves as a lobbyist, service provider and information broker for the manufacturers of agricultural machinery. It gives information about current market developments or aspects concerning market access, for instance. VDMA's core competence is to create networks, to make and maintain contacts and to earmark the industry's image. Moreover, VDMA Agricultural Machinery acts as a reliable and dependable partner: for members and their customers, science and universities, affiliated associations and customer associations, for press and exhibition partners and all those looking for and needing information about the industry. In doing so, the association is internationally orientated.

Approximately 170 companies of the industry are organized in the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association. With a degree of organization of about 90 percent, the association serves as an advocacy group of the manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Germany.

The following product segments are represented by VDMA Agricultural Machinery:

  • Tractors
  • Yard and landscape maintenance
  • Trailers and transporters
  • Tillage equipment
  • Seeding and crop protection
  • Harvesting machines
  • Combine harvesters
  • Equipment for animal production
  • Supplied parts, components and spare parts

(2) Benefits for members

VDMA Agricultural Machinery delivers a large range of services for its member companies. In the field of economics, we provide specialized information about current developments of markets according to product groups based on own statistics. Consequently, we have key data about agriculture and agricultural machinery for German, European and international markets. As a strong advocacy of free market policies, VDMA pleads for free market access and against protectionism worldwide.

Another important field of work is technology and standardization: Together with internationally renowned experts, our working groups meet on topical issues such as directives for machinery, noise emission or harmonization of road traffic regulations for mobile engines. Furthermore, we force international standards like nomenclature, test procedures, safety, operation and maintenance.

Finally, networking is a core competence of our association. Meetings of entrepreneurs, group journeys and symposia enable our members to stay in touch with recent developments on an international level.

(3) German Agricultural Machinery Industry

German mechanical engineering enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. This also applies for the agricultural machinery industry in Germany that serves as a global innovation and technology leader. Consequently, it is able to call itself the world export champion for years. The German manufacturers of agricultural machinery stand for approximately 8 percent of the worldwide production volume. With 170 member companies and about 30,000 employees in the German industry, VDMA represents about 90 percent of the industry's turnover.

With a rise in sales by 7 percent to around 4.5 billion euros in the first half of 2017, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and tractors producing in Germany managed an impressive comeback after three years of recession. Although, the registration of new tractors in Germany has been 2.3 percent below the figures of June last year.


Looking optimistically into the future, the industry has revised its sales forecast for the current year significantly upward. For the whole year 2017, VDMA Agricultural Machinery expects a sales volume from German production of 7.5 billion euros, amounting to an increase of 4 percent.

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Götz, Christoph
Götz, Christoph