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Promotion of your Business in India


India – has always been on the radar for Europe and especially for Germany. With the long standing relationship between the two countries since centuries, the prominence of India for Germany has only grown several manifolds and continues to be one of the most important markets in the Asian region.

The VDMA India office offers a range of services which can support your endeavours in the Indian Market.

Market Study/Market Analysis

Together with reputed partners, we offer the possibility of a market study for your specific requirement. Accordingly the market study can be in form of a snapshot study or a detailed study. Based on your requirement a quote can be worked out.


The VDMA India office publishes a Quarterly Newsletter-German Machinery Industry. This Newsletter is sent to around 8000 contacts in India. 

In September every year, the VDMA Annual Publication - Managers Navigator "Engineering Technology from Germany" is published. Around 20.000 copies of this publication are distributed to various industrial sectors in India. Please inquire with us for the advertisement rates in this publication.


Over the years we have developed a database of around 40.000 contacts in 45 industrial sectors. The contacts in this database are predominantly the Top Management of the companies. We can undertake mailing of your brochures/flyers/write-up based on your sector of interest. Following are the number of contacts in some of the important sectors:

  • Machine Tools - 1,400
  • Steel & Metallurgy - 2,300
  • Infrastructure & Construction - 2,000
  • Food processing & Packaging - 2,550
  • Material Handling - 550
  • Plastic Processing - 1,700


The VDMA India team visits nearly 30-35 industrial exhibitions in India. You can contact us for review/suggestions on the industrial trade fairs in various sectors. Also if you are participating in exhibitions in India, you can contact us for requirement of translator, hostess, kitchen staff etc.


Mr Rajesh Nath
VDMA India Services Pvt. Ltd. 
GC 36, Sector III, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700106 / India
Tel.: +91-33-4060 2364 / 2337 6692


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