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Robotics + Automation


VDMA Robotics + Automation is one of 39 sub-sectors within VDMA and unites more than 240 members:  companies providing components and systems from the areas of robotics, integrated assembly solutions (formerly assembly and handling technology) and machine vision. The objective of this industry-driven platform is to support the robotics and automation sector through a wide spectrum of activities and services.

In short: robotics and automation enables the makers of consumer products to stay competitive. Long gone are the days when automation was limited to big enterprises – now small and medium-sized companies are increasingly applying automation technology.

The sales volume of the three segments – robotics, integrated assembly solutions and machine vision – rose from EUR 6.2 billion in 2009 to EUR 12.8 billion (2016).The approximately 500 companies in Germany that make up the robotics and automation sector employ 52,800 people. In 2017 they expect to reach a total industry turnover of 13.7 billion euros (+ 7 percent), about half of which comes from exports. Outside of Europe Asia is taking the lead as the major export region followed by North America. The automotive and electronics industries are the biggest customers of the robotics and automation sector but also in manufacturing metal products, in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries the demand for automation technology is rising.

Robotics and automation comprises three sub-sectors: Integrated Assembly Solutions(with components and systems for assembly and handling), Machine Vision and Robotics


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Ms. Jamly John
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Anne Wendel

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Wendel, Anne
Wendel, Anne