Don't waste the chances of tax incentives for research!


"When it comes to tax incentives for research, we hope for 'Struck's law' - no law leaves the Bundestag as it is introduced," emphasises Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of the VDMA, at today's hearing of the Bundestag Finance Committee on tax incentives for research.

"It is indeed pleasing that we are on the parliamentary home straight here after a torturously long discussion and that the main pillars of the bill are pointing in the right direction," but the joy is by no means unclouded. Thus, the funding amount in the international innovation competition is far from sufficient. "Even in the case of mid-range companies, i.e. larger medium-sized enterprises, the planned capping will no longer provide funding for substantial R&D shares," he said, adding that the existing system of research funding is already putting these very companies, which are the backbone of employment and value creation in mechanical engineering, at a massive disadvantage.

"The innovation location is doing a disservice if cooperations with universities and research institutions are not included."

The points of criticism in the VDMA statement on the hearing also include the planned regulation on contract research. "The innovation location is doing a disservice if cooperation with universities and research institutions is left out of the equation," complains Rauen. "This would then happen with an eye that could see by the way - the Federal Government had not yet provided any even approximately convincing justification for this regulation. It was not yet too late for corrections. "The huge opportunities for tax incentives for research must not be wasted in the last few metres!"