"Free trade agreement must follow meat agreement."


The US and the EU have agreed on trade in beef and veal - now a free trade agreement must follow, eliminating all industrial tariffs.

US President Donald Trump has announced the end of the decades-long beef dispute with the EU. Ulrich Ackermann, Foreign Trade Manager of the VDMA, comments:

"With the conclusion of this agreement, the EU has once again shown its good will to end longstanding trade disputes such as those over beef imports. But now further steps have to follow. Above all, we call for a lean free trade agreement between the EU and the USA, which will dismantle all industrial tariffs and facilitate technical barriers to trade.

This would put the tiresome issue of bilateral tariffs off the table once and for all. A complete removal of customs barriers would lead to cost savings of 900 million euros in European mechanical engineering alone. On the other hand, the supposed joke of the US president at his appearance yesterday, that next the cars from the EU with a tariff of 25 percent must not become painful seriousness in any case!