We represent the interests of our member companies in several Committees:

Working Group Foreign Trade
Chairman: Dr. Reinhold Both, Gladbeck

Steering Committee Africa
Chairman: Joachim Hoppe, Oelde

Steering Committee Asia
Chairman: Gerd Knapwurst, Lennestadt

Steering Committee Latin America
Chairman: Oliver Wilke, Emsbüren

Steering Committee CIS
Chairman: Dirk Zeppenfeld, Haiger

Steering Committee Research and Technology
Chairman: Dr. Paul Althaus, Essen

Working Group OPC UA
Chairwoman: Dr. Fiona Mavroudis, Bochum

Specialized Section Mineral Processing Technology
Chairman: Dr. Marcus Wirtz, Dülmen

Ad hoc Committees:

Specialised Section "Open cast mining"

Specialised Section "Underground mining"

Working Group "Deep Sea Mining"

National Standardization Committees:

Advisory Committee Mining Machinery (NA 060-15 FBR)

Mobile machines working underground (NA 060-15-02)

Strut support (NA 060-15-03)

Rock drill rigs mining (NA 060-15-05)

Mine ventilation installation (NA 060-15-06)

Excavators, spreaders and auxiliary equipment in opencast lignite mines (NA 060-15-07)

Belt support frame and Idlers for underground coal mining (NA 060-15-10)

Advanced automated mining systems (NA 060-15-12)