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Senior Experten Service (SES)


We are happy to inform you that VDMA India is now representing Senior Experten Services (SES) and hence we can provide you the service for identifying a German expert under Senior Experten Services (SES) project.

Senior Experten Service (SES) has been helping people to help themselves for over 25 years, aided by its bank of specialists in various fields who have left their professional lives behind them. The Senior Experts pass on their knowledge on a voluntary basis and are financially independent, possessing the key qualities of high motivation and extensive professional experience. More than 9,000 Senior Experts, both men and women, are registered on their database.

Expertise honed over a lifetime makes them ideally placed to support businesses (small and medium-sized), public institutions and local authorities, educational establishments and international organizations

Since SES was founded in 1983 we have carried out over 25,000 assignments in 160 different countries. The average age of our Experts is 66. SES is supported by over 120 representatives worldwide.

What SES Offers:

  • Expert advice on solving technical, economic or organizational problems
  • Training for your staff
  • A refreshing exchange of ideas and experience for your management
  • Support in restructuring administration
  • Help with improving quality or introducing new standards
  • Fresh impetus for drawing up new marketing concepts and business plans
  • Help in other areas

How does an assignment come about?

As soon as a request arrives at SES it is checked and registered. All the information is then passed on to the Experts Department and the search for a suitable Expert begins. If the search is successful the Project Coordinator suggests an Expert to the client, sending along his Personal Profile (CV).

If the client agrees to this choice, he is put in touch with the Expert himself. The contract documents are posted to the client, who signs them and sends them back to SES.

If this is the Expert's first assignment for SES, he is invited to Bonn for a chat. This gives him an opportunity to ask questions, and the Project Coordinator will take him through the project procedure and give more information on the country where he will be working.

As soon as all preparations have been made the Expert can set off to his allotted country to give on-the-spot help in solving the client's problems.

Please contact us for further information or fill up the reply form.

Source of the image : SES

Schreiner, Ludmilla
Schreiner, Ludmilla
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